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Bush Search and Rescue Victoria is a dedicated volunteer search and rescue service in the state of Victoria, Australia.  We participate in land-based search and rescue for persons lost in bush and alpine areas under the direction of the Victoria Police.

We are currently updating the website and our BSAR Manual.


Search for missing person near Sugarloaf Reservoir

Mon 9  Oct.  BSAR were called out for search for a missing person near Sugarloaf Reservoir. Tue  10 – Thu  12 Oct  BSAR searchers contributed over 35 person-days to the search.   The missing person has not been found.   BSAR involvement has now concluded. External links Dr John Forster: police search for missing academic near Sugarloaf Reservoir,  Herald Sun …


Bush Search and Rescue Victoria is open to members of Bushwalking Victoria clubs and Bushwalking Victoria Individual Members who meet the experience and age entry requirements listed below. The entry requirements basically ensure that members are competent and experienced bushwalkers, ready to receive specific training in search and rescue techniques.

As a prospective member you need to:

  • be an experienced overnight bushwalker or ski tourer
  • have successfully completed an extended walk of at least four days or more
  • have had snow walking or snow camping experience
  • be a competent off-track navigator
  • be fully equipped for overnight walking
  • be sufficiently fit for prolonged heavy scrub bashing in difficult terrain
  • be at least 18 years of age

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Bush Search and Rescue holds regular training events.  The usual formats are:

General search and rescue training – held each year over a weekend. The format rotates following a three year cycle: bush, snow, bush incorporating a Rogaine.  This is open to all members and Prospective Members.

Alpine search and rescue training – held each year, for members with alpine skills and experience.  This specialist training is not required for all BSAR members.

Steep snow and ice training

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