BSAR ski skills training, Sat 26 August 2017

The BSAR ski skills training day at Mt Stirling on Saturday 26 August 2017 is open to all BSAR members keen to acquire or improve their ski skills.
Activities will include:
  • Some basic instruction
  • Skiing to and around the summit
  • Steep slope skiing (optional)
  • Return ski run to Telephone Box Junction
Transport will be private car pool. 
BSAR Ski training

Mt Hotham backcountry avalanche and warning

An avalanche occurred in Mt Hotham’s backcountry on 8 August. There were no injuries to mountain staff or guests.

This follows warnings from the Mt Hotham Ski Patrol team regarding the high risk of avalanches in the backcountry due to the large amount of snowfall, cold temperatures and strong winds that has occurred over the last few days.

Mt Hotham avalanche Aug 2017

Mt Hotham backcountry avalance, source 

Mt Hotham Ski Patrol perform avalanche control work daily and noted in their snow report today the danger of sizeable wind slab avalanches at higher elevations.

Behind the Log BSAR newsletter July 2017 edition

The July 2016 edition of Behind the Log, Bush Search and Rescue's newsletter, can be downloaded [here] (PDF).  
Special thanks to Ren Millsom who has been our newsletter editor since 2002 and is now stepping down.
Behind The Log July 2017

Vale Jim Grelis

A tribute to Jim Grelis, 14.9.1951 - 7.6.2017

Jim was BSAR stalwart.  He joined in the late 70s and became a Field Organiser in the mid 80s, a position he held until his death.
Jim attended over 25 searches and was Field Organiser on over 15.
Jim was deployed with full alpine climbing kit on Mount Feathertop in 1983 when Stephen Galland fell near the summit and died. I was on that trip and greatly appreciated the efforts of Police and BSAR rescue teams.
Jim was also Field Organiser on the very demanding search for Tom Kneen on Mt Feathertop in 1985.  He started at Mt St Gwinear for a search that was resolved, then went to Mt Stirling for a search already in progress and was then redirected to Mt Feathertop.
Jim assisted with the development of BSAR Steep Snow and Ice skills and training after these events.
Most recently he was Field Organiser on the South Viking search in 2014.

BSAR Steep Snow and Ice training 29-30 July 2017

Steep Snow and Ice alpine training was held on 29-30 July 2017 at Mount Buller. 
The training included travelling in alpine environments, snow and ice safety, rescue techniques, using crampons and ice axes, holding falls when roped and a demonstration of haulage equipment for steep terrain.
Our thanks to Mount Buller CFA for allowing us to use their facility and dodge the very strong winds that came in on Saturday Night.
Thanks also to the Mount Buller Ski Patrol for their support and hospitality.

Missing deer hunter found near Tamboritha saddle

Fri 19 May 2017. 21:00  BSAR members were called out to assist with a search for a missing deer hunter near Tamboritha Saddle in Gippsland.

Sat 20 May 2017. Eleven BSAR members participated in the search.  Some of the terrain was steep and very difficult to search. The deer hunter was found by a Maffra SES search team around midday and was able to walk out with a search party.  The BSAR crew returned on Saturday night.

Our thanks to the 11 BSAR searchers who attended and the 6 who responded to the second callout that was cancelled.

Our thanks also to the Police Transport Branch for their usual excellent service and their coach, Parks Victoria for making facilities available, the Police Field Kitchen for their much appreciated meals and of course Police Search and Rescue for their search coordination and 4WD transport.

2017 Tamboritha seach BSAR crew

BSAR search crew

Behind the Log BSAR newsletter November 2016 edition

The November 2016 edition of Behind the Log, Bush Search and Rescue's newsletter, can be downloaded [here] (PDF).
Articles include:
  • Monbulk Search, 23 May 2016
  • Welcome to New BSAR Members
  • Grampians Search, 27-28 September 2016
  • 2017 BSAR Training Weekend 25-26 March
  • BSAR Training Weekend 16-17 July 2016
  • World Championship Rogaine 23-24 2016
  • Bush Navigation – Practice Makes Perfect
  • BSAR standardises GPS units and setup
  • Membership Secretary Needed

Behind The Log November 2016

2017 Annual Training - March 25/26

BSAR's 2017 training weekend was held on 25/26 March at Korweinguboora.

Rod Costigan led with 43 visitors, prospective and existing members attending, including instructors and organisers.
Duncan Brookes, Eric Krista, Lachlan Shield, Rodney Polkinghorne, Wayne Merry, Roger Palmer and Kirilee Chaplin assisted with planning and running the event. Support from Victoria Police Search and Rescue was also much appreciated with 6 Police SAR members attending.
The training on Saturday included workshops on radios, line searching, feature searching, stretcher carrying and night searching followed by a GPS Rogaine.  A simulated search was conducted on Sunday.
2017-03-25 BSAR training Korweinguboora

Search for missing person in Grampians

Mon 26 Sep 2016. 16:30  BSAR members were called out to assist with a search for a missing person in the Grampians.    Police and family members held grave fears for the missing person's wellbeing from the outset. 

BSAR Searchers at Grampians 2016


Search around Yea for missing person


Saturday 20/08/16.  BSAR was called out for a search for a missing person near Yea

Sunday 21/08/16.  Sixteen BSAR members attended the search alongside SES and CFA crews and returned to Melbourne the same day.  The missing person was not found.

2016 BSAR at Yea search

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