Training weekend near Eldorado, October 2012

Sixty participants took part in BSAR’s annual training weekend held on 27-28 October 2012 in the Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park near Eldorado in north east Victoria.  In stark contrast to last year’s training in the Wombat Forest, we enjoyed marvellous spring weather.  Fifteen BWV Clubs were represented, plus a number of BWV individual members.  It was especially pleasing to welcome 22 prospective members, many from the Melbourne, Monash and RMIT Universities, on their first BSAR training event.

SKED stretcher carry after line search

The Saturday program involved participation in the Victorian Rogaining Association’s 12 hour rogaine, in the lovely open (mostly) forests north of Eldorado.  The BSAR teams achieved some impressive results, and a good standard of navigation and fitness was demonstrated.  Many thanks to the VRA for its strong support of BSAR and in facilitating our participation in the rogaine.

On Sunday morning a short program of workshops covering radio, GPS, group leaders and new members induction preceded line searching and stretcher carry exercises.

Thank you to Sergeant Victor Velthuis and LSC Simon Ranik of Police Search and Rescue for their participation and assistance and to the Police Transport Branch for getting us there and home again in comfort as usual.

Thank you to Jim Gargan of BNSC who did much of the organisation and coordinated the weekend program, aided by Ross McKinnon as acting Field Organiser.

And finally, to the prospective members, we hope to have you as members soon.  Welcome again to BSAR and we hope to see you on a search bus.


12 Hour Rogaine - Saturday 27 October


Fitting "Navlight" electronic bracelet used for checkpoint scoring


Rogaine briefing just before departure


At a checkpoint


Heading for the next checkpoint


Search and Rescue Training - Sunday 28 October


Jim Gargan briefing BSAR members


Duncan Brookes briefing BSAR members on search procedures


Rod Lawlor leading GPS training


Peter Briggs providing map reading instruction


Line searching


Patient care and first aid


SKED stretcher carry after line search


The final debrief