Bush Search and Rescue Victoria Committee

The Bush Search and Rescue Victoria Committee administers and operates Bush Search and Rescue.  For more details on the committee see Manual: Administration.

Some current members of the committee are listed in the table below.

Name Role Club
Peter Campbell Convener, Field Organiser, BSAR Executive Bushwalking Victoria
Eric Krista Treasurer, BSAR Executive Bushwalking Victoria
Peter Briggs Field Organiser VMTC
Ren Millsom Editor, Behind The Log VMTC
Shirley McInnes Police Liaison Officer, Peer Support Maroondah Bushwalking Club
Rod Costigan Field Organiser, BSAR Executive MUMC
Frank Zgoznik Field Organiser MUMC
Merv Trease Police Liaison Officer YHA
Duncan Brookes Field Organiser, BSAR Executive VMTC
Monica Chapman Field Organiser, Maroondah Bushwalking Clug Delegate, Bushwalking Victoria Membership Coordinator, BSAR Executive Maroondah Bushwalking Club
Chris Jarvis Police Liaison Officer Essendon Bushwalking Club
Roger Palmer Field Organiser, Equipment Officer VMTC
Jim Grelis Field Organiser MUMC
Ross McKinnon Field Organiser GBC
Cameron Plant Police Liaison Officer VRA
Jack de Vries Membership secretary STRZ
James Gargan Field Organiser, North East BNSC
Doug Westerman Field Organiser, North East BNSC
Bill Little Police Liaison Officer, North East BNSC
Malcolm McKinnon Delegate WOA
Karl Hradsky Delegate WCV
Paul Gottliebson Delegate YHA
Graeme Bolton Delegate STRZ
Rob Berry Delegate BAYBC
Rod Lawlor Delegate AlpineSAR
Tom Buykx Delegate CWCV
David Laing Delegate MB
Ryan Judd Delegate MUMC
Trevor Key Delegate MBOC
Richard Hume Delegate BOROONDARA
Lachlan Shield Assistant Equipment Officer  
Andy Elam Delegate VRA
Ian Franzke Delegate Birkebeiner Nordic Ski club

Bush Search and Rescue also has an Executive that reports to the Committee, comprised of:

  • Peter Campbell
  • Monica Chapman (Bushwalking Victoria Membership Coordinator)
  • Eric Krista (Treasurer)
  • Rod Costigan
  • Duncan Brookes