Chapter 4 - Joining

Who can Join?

Bushwalkers Search and Rescue is open to members of Federation clubs who meet the experience and age entry requirements listed below. The entry requirements basically ensure that members are competent and experienced bushwalkers, ready to receive specific training in search and rescue techniques.

A search call-out is not the time to recruit new members and non-members will not be permitted to attend a search.


An excellent way to find out more about Bushwalkers Search and Rescue membership is to attend a training event. Non-members of BSAR are welcome at most traininig events and will quickly gain an insight into the methods of the organisation through practice activities and also by talking to members. It is essential that members regularly attend training events.

For more information see Training | Bush Search and Rescue Victoria

How to Join

A club member can only join BSAR by submitting an Application for Membership to their Club Committee. This committee then checks to ensure that the applicant meets the entry requirements. This step is an important feature of BSAR, because it is unlikely that the BSAR Committee will know the applicant and relies completely on the Club’s recommendation.

The application form is available from your Club Delegate to the BSAR Committee. If your club is without a Club Delegate or any search and rescue volunteers and you wish to participate in Bushwalkers Search and Rescue, write to the BSAR Convener.

Individual members of Bushwalking Victoria can now join Bush Search and Rescue.  

For more information see How to join Bush Search and Rescue Victoria.

Employer Support

Before joining, enlist the support and understanding of your employer so that if you are called for a search they will be co-operative. If you consider that a letter from the BSAR Committee to your employer explaining the purpose of BSAR and asking for their co-operation would be helpful, please advise your Club Delegate. Information for employers is included in Chapter 12.

Updated 15 Feb 2011