Preface to the Second Edition 2003

The first editon of this manual, published in 1993, developed from a series of duplicated instruction booklets produced since 1949 by the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs Search and Rescue Section for its members. Over this period of more than 50 years much has changed, yet much remains the same. 

The volunteer work of the Victorian bushwalking community in providing searchers when people are lost in remote bush areas is the basis for this manual. The information on bushwalking equipment, the skills and techniques utilised by bushwalkers when searching and the operational structure of what is now called Bushwalkers Search and Rescue (BSAR) have well and truly stood the test of time.

What has changed considerably is the support provided to searchers in the field, largely through technology in all its manifestations, and the growing community requirements for accountablity, particularly reflected here in much more detailed advice for those people in leadership positions in Bushwalkers Search and Rescue.

To this end, changes made in this second edition include:

  • further emphasis on the role of the searcher and the search group leader
  • expanded and elaborated information on the organisation and management of a search
  • updated information on communication and other search related technologies
  • explanation of Bushwalkers Search and Rescue policies
  • more detailed and updated equipment requirements.

During the life of this manual further changes in the organisation and operation of Bushwalkers Search and Rescue will occur from time to time. Members will be kept updated through their Club Delegate and Bushwalkers Search and Rescue newsletter “Behind the Log”.

Manual Sub-Committee

2003 edition hard copies are available to all members and other organisations on request. A soft copy can be downloaded from here: [PDF 46MB]

2003 Edition