Search for missing person close to Mount Buller

Thu 1 Aug 2019.  Twelve BSAR members joined the search for a missing person along the road up to Mount Buller.

Fri 2 Aug 2019. Searching continues.  Another call-out for BSAR was issued, departing early Saturday morning.

Sat 3 – Mon 5 Aug 2019.  Searching continued but the missing person was not located.  Remaining BSAR teams returned  on Monday afternoon.

The terrain being searched was  very difficult to traverse, with steep slopes and thick vegetation, including patches of blackberrries.

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Search for missing person near Dargo

Sat 20 Jul 2019.  Five BSAR members participated in a search for a missing person near Dargo.

Sun 21 Jul 2019.  Fifteen more BSAR members joined the search.

Mon 22 Jul 2019. Eight more BSAR members joined the search.

Tue 23 Jul 2019.  BSAR members returned after their search tasks were completed.  The missing person was not located.

Thu 35 Jul 2019.  BSAR teams returned to the search after a sighting of the missing person’s dog was reported. The missing person was found deceased.


Steep Snow and Ice alpine training 27-28 July 2019 at Mt Bogong

Training will include travelling in alpine environment on Mount Bogong, snow and ice safety, rescue techniques, using crampons and ice axes on steep terrain.

2018 BSAR Steep Snow and Ice Training at the Razorback

This training is for:

  • BSAR members keen to acquire steep snow and ice rating (alpine skills are required)
  • BSAR members with Steep Snow & Ice rating “T” (technical leader) or “C” (competent)

Transport and registration details will be advised via email. A detailed program will be provided to all registered participants.

BSAR is 70 years old

BSAR is 70 years old on 6th May 2019.

BSAR search group near Marysville, 1952
BSAR search group in 1952 near Marysville, soon after BSAR was formed

We don’t know the names or the clubs of the 11 volunteer bushwalkers who left the Russell Street Police Headquarters in 2 trucks early on Friday 6 May 1949 for Port Welshpool. There they boarded a fishing ketch and were landed on the east coast of Wilsons Promontory to join the large search for a missing bushwalker.

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