Linda Beilharz reaches the North Pole

Linda Beilharz

Linda, a current and active BSAR member, and her husband Rob Rigato successfully skied to the North Pole in April this year after a strenuous 55 days. At the North Pole they were helicopered out to the Russian Barneo Station and from there on to Svalbard, Norway by the last plane for the season. Linda becomes the first Australian woman to have skied from the edge of the land to the North Pole, and the first to have done the same trip to the north and south poles.
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2010 winter training including steep snow and ice

The BSAR Training Weekend is was held at Mt Hotham on 24-25 July. Melbourne members travelling to Bright on the Friday night, then met with members from Gippsland and the North East at JB Plain.

This year Steep Snow and Ice (SSI) training was concurrently with the Winter Search Training on the Saturday followed by combined training on the Sunday in the JB Plain area, which was also where we camped overnight.

The weekend was very successful with participants gaining new skills or reinforcing existing skills. At total of 51 participants attended, with 21 being new to BSAR.

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Search for Brumby Hunter near Davies Plain, November 2009

BSAR 2009 Davies Plain search

Call-outA brumby hunter, reported missing and last seen on Friday 20 Nov 2009 at 7pm near Davies Plain in the high plains near the Vic NSW border, has now been found.  BSAR searchers searched in the area after arriving on Sunday afternoon.

Field Organiser Rik Head advised that 12 BSAR searchers stayed out in the bush on Sunday night. Some of the search terrain in this very remote area was difficult due to vegetation regrowth after the 2003 alpine bushfires.

BSAR 2009 Davies Plain searchThe search command post was 8 kms from the search area. Travel between the two locations was provided by 4WDs fitted with chains due to wet slippery tracks.

A second callout on Sundary for BSAR searchers resulted in an addtional 23 searchers arriving on Monday morning at search base.

The missing person was found by searchers on horseback after he walked onto a track on Monday morning. He was in good condition. He survived by sleeping in a wombat hole one night with a dog for company to keep him warm, and making a bush shelter around a hollow log for another night.

BSAR 2009 Davies Plain searchPolice Liaison Officer, Merv Trease, advised all Bush Search and Rescue search crews returned home on Monday, with searchers from Melbourne arriving in town at 8-30pm.



BSAR 2009 Davies Plain search
Bush Search and Rescue groups map Davies Plain

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Battery Review

A number of batteries commonly found on supermarket shelves and hardware stores in Australia were recently put to the test in the Garmin Vista HCx GPS units commonly used by BSAR. Fresh batteries were purchased in packs of 4 and the standard price noted per battery. Batteries were placed in a GPS unit. The unit was turned on and operated such that it displayed the Main Menu screen. The GPS unit was placed on a shelf at room temperature.
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Search at Point Nepean, October 2009

Call-outA 42 year old female was been reported missing at Point Nepean National Park.   BSAR assistinged with the search.

A limited  numbers callout was conducted via SMS and email. BSAR searchers departed Northcote 06.00 Thurs 29 Oct 09.

Update: This search was successfully concluded the same day. The person was found in the nearby town. The photo below shows the BSAR team that attended on the day.

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Discounted Cactus Climbing Equipment and SPOT satellite messenger available

Andy Reynolds, an active BSAR member, is now stocking Cactus Climbing Equipment clothing and gear. He is also an authorised seller of SPOT satellite messenger. Andy is offering BSAR and BSAR members this gear at discounted prices. The range of cactus rucksacks and gear is particularly suitable to searching needs.

You can contact him as follows:

Mobile: 0488 477 271

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