Search for missing person near Sugarloaf Reservoir

Call-outMon 9  Oct.  BSAR were called out for search for a missing person near Sugarloaf Reservoir.

Tue  10 – Thu  12 Oct  BSAR searchers contributed over 35 person-days to the search.   The missing person has not been found.   BSAR involvement has now concluded.

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Search for missing person on Mount Bogong

Call-outFri 15 Sep 2017. 18:05  A search call-out was issued for a missing person on Mount Bogong.  A North-East BSAR team of three ascended Staircase spur during the night.

Sat 16 Sep 2017.

  • Sixteen BSAR searchers departed from Melbourne by bus at 2 a.m and met another two North East members at search base at Mount Beauty Police Station.
  • Six BSAR teams and Police SAR members ascended Mount Bogong, searched all day then camped out overnight in tents and huts.  Conditions on ridges and slopes were icy. There were concerns about avalanche hazard due to recent snowfall and wind.
Four BSAR teams and Police SAR at Michell Hut
Four BSAR teams and Police SAR at Michell Hut

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Search for missing person near Kancoona

BSAR search team en route to Dederang
Call-outSun 10 Sep 2017. 2100  A search call-out was issued for North East Victoria.
 Mon 11 Sep 2017.  Nine members departed Melbourne at 3:30am and four members attended from the North East.
The missing person was located in the early afternoon safe and well, and walked out the BSAR and Police search teams.
BSAR thanks locals Brendan O’Leary and Catherine Upcher for their support during this search.

BSAR also thanks Police Transport Branch and the SES for providing transport and Dederang CFA for their use of their facility.

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Mt Hotham backcountry avalanche and warning, 8 Aug 2017

Mt Hotham avalanche Aug 2017

An avalanche occurred in Mt Hotham’s backcountry on 8 August. There were no injuries to mountain staff or guests.

This follows warnings from the Mt Hotham Ski Patrol team regarding the high risk of avalanches in the backcountry due to the large amount of snowfall, cold temperatures and strong winds that has occurred over the last few days.

Mt Hotham Ski Patrol perform avalanche control work daily and noted in their snow report today the danger of sizeable wind slab avalanches at higher elevations.

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Vale Jim Grelis

Jim Grelis, BSAR Field OrganiserA tribute to Jim Grelis, 14.9.1951 – 7.6.2017

Jim was BSAR stalwart.  He joined in the late 70s and became a Field Organiser in the mid 80s, a position he held until his death.

Jim attended over 25 searches and was Field Organiser on over 15.

Jim was deployed with full alpine climbing kit on Mount Feathertop in 1983 when Stephen Galland fell near the summit and died. I was on that trip and greatly appreciated the efforts of Police and BSAR rescue teams.

Jim was also Field Organiser on the very demanding search for Tom Kneen on Mt Feathertop in 1985.  He started at Mt St Gwinear for a search that was resolved, then went to Mt Stirling for a search already in progress and was then redirected to Mt Feathertop.

Jim assisted with the development of BSAR Steep Snow and Ice skills and training after these events.

Most recently he was Field Organiser on the South Viking search in 2014.