Search for missing person at Werribee Gorge

Call-outSaturday 29/04/18. 07:00.  BSAR team of 9 departed to join search for missing person in the Werribee Gorge area.

After searching during the day, the BSAR team returned to Melbourne late in the afternoon.

The missing person was not found during the search.

They were later found deceased on 5 May 2018.

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BSAR training day in Williamstown

Getting ready for the radio and navigation exercise
Getting ready for the radio and navigation exercise


43 BSAR members attended; 10 on their first BSAR event and 8 members travelling from regional Victoria.

4 members of the Search and Rescue Squad participated.

The training included:

  • Tour and talk at the Police Search and Rescue facility
  • GPS and Police radio field exercise around the Williamstown waterfront
  • Search group leader workshop.

The Williamstown waterfront provided a good venue for a GPS and Police radio skills field exercise. The radio element was structured around search groups reporting specific information to the command post at each control.

Search group leader workshops, built around group discussions of scenarios based on actual BSAR search events were very well received.


BSAR Club Contacts function has ceased

Since BSAR’s inception in 1949 we have maintained a network of Club Contacts whose role is to participate in calling out club members active with BSAR to search for missing persons.

Often working late at night, our Club Contact’s dedication and contribution to BSAR’s success as an emergency service cannot be overstated. Club Contacts were last used during the protracted search at Mt Dom Dom in 2009.

However, over recent years technology has evolved to provide more efficient electronic methods to call out members, which means the role of Club Contact is now no longer required.

I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for your commitment and service to BSAR as a Club Contact.

BSAR will continue to use our automated call-out system. If necessary, our Police Liaison Officers can also use a “fifty most active members” list to conduct a manual call-out.

Many Club Contacts have ongoing roles within BSAR including Searchers, Delegates and Peer Supporters. We look forward to their continued contribution in those roles.

For those who have only been operating as a Club Contact, we hope you will also remain connected with BSAR.

Once again, I would like to thank all Club Contacts for their significant contribution to BSAR.

Peter Campbell

Peter Briggs AO leads successful search for missing submarine AE1

BSAR Field Organiser and Retired Rear Admiral Peter Briggs lead the Find AE1 team that found submarine HMAS AE1 103 years after it disappeared during World War 1.

The fate of HMAS AE1 had been one of the navy’s most enduring puzzles, sparking 13 different retrieval attempts since 1914.

The 800-tonne vessel was discovered under 300 metres of water near Duke of York Island in Papua New Guinea.

Casing of HMAS AE1 submarine wreck
Casing of HMAS AE1 in waters off the Duke of York Island group in Papua New Guinea. Photograph: Fugro Survey/AAP

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BSAR receives Divisional Commendation from Victoria Police Eastern Region

Peter Campbell and Duncan Brookes accepted a Divisional Commendation for BSAR from Victoria Police Eastern Region on 29 November 2017.

BSAR receives Police Commendation 11 Nov 2017

The commendation was presented by Divisional Commander Paul Hargreaves.

For outstanding service, collaboration, commitment and tenacity in support of Victoria Police and the community, during a number of Victoria’s highest profile, challenging and confronting search and rescue response in Eastern Region.

Victoria Police Eastern Region Divisional Commendation for BSAR
Victoria Police Eastern Region Divisional Commendation for BSAR, November 2017

Search for missing person near Mount Stirling

2017-11-30 BSAR searching Mt Stirling

Call-outTue 28 Nov 16:55.   Search call-out for BSAR issued for missing person near Mt Stirling.

Wed 29 Nov – Thu 30 Nov.  Eight BSAR members participated in search.  Missing person not found.

Sat 2 Dec 15:47.   Second call-out for BSAR issued.  Twelve BSAR members confirmed to attend, departing Monday morning.

Sun 3 Dec 17:15.   Second call-out cancelled. Searchers located the missing person deceased on Lower Link Trail about 10.45am.

2017-11-29 BSAR searching Mt Stirling

2017-11-30 BSAR searching Mt Stirling


2017-11-30 BSAR searching Mt Stirling