Bush Search and Rescue Victoria Manual

Bush Search and Rescue Victoria's comprehensive manual details how the organisation works along with search procedures, policy and techniques.

2003 edition hardcopies are available to all members and other organisations on request. A softcopy can be downloaded from here: [PDF 46MB]

This online version of the Bush Search and Rescue Victoria Manual contains both historical and some newer information.   


  • Page versions are designated at the bottom of each page, e.g. 2003 Edition or Updated dd mmm yyyy
  • The main chapters of the manual are listed at the bottom of this page as links.
  • You can use page controls at the bottom of pages to access the " previous", "next " or "up"  or sub pages where applicable.

BSAR searchers in the field 

Bush Search and Rescue searchers in the field

BSAR stretcher carry

Bush Search and Rescue members carrying a stretcher