Bush Search and Rescue Victoria Manual now online

Sections of the Bush Search and Rescue Victoria Manual are now available online.  We are working on providing all our manual content online, and a PDF version can be downloaded too.  This is an important resource for Bush Search and Rescue Victoria, and is also used as a reference by other groups and organisations.

Bill Bewsher

Bill Bewsher took on the role of founding Convener in 1949 of the Search and Rescue Section of the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs, which was later to become Bush Search and Rescue Victoria.  Bill was Convener from 1949 to 1956 and again for a year in 1958-1959.


Bill Bewsher 50th

Bill Bewsher at the BSAR 50th Anniversary Dinner. Photo: BSAR Collection

Stuart Brookes OAM

Stuart Brookes is a keen bushwalker who has contributed much to recreational bushwalking, including long service with Bush Search and Rescue, in Victoria.

Stuart has produced maps of Victoria’s Alpine Area and other popular bushwalking destinations from the late 1940s to the current day.  These maps are regularly updated and provide reliable and detailed information tailored to the needs of bushwalkers.

Stuart was director of Initial Training with the Bushwalking and Mountaincraft Leadership course from 1973 - 77 and chairman of the Bushwalking and Mountaincraft Training Advisory Board 1982 - 85. 

Rik Head awarded Emergency Services Medal

Rik Head, a long serving Bush Search and Rescue member and Field Organiser, was awarded the Emergency Service Medal for a lifetime commitment to search, rescue and safety in the bush and mountains on Australia Day, 26 January 2011.

As a Field Organiser in Bush Search and Rescue Victoria, Rik has been instrumental in implementing and improving many search, management and training methods and systems including the innovative use of technology.

Mobile phones for communications in the bush

Mobile phones can often be used for communications in the bush and other remote areas.  It is recommended that parties carry at least one mobile phone.

All mobiles are not equal.  Do some research to determine which mobile phone will be the best for the places you are likely to use it.

Search for missing person at Combienbar

A man was reported missing near Combienbar in East Gippsland on Sunday 5 December 2010.  Bush Search and Rescue were called to participate in the search with our first group of 14 departing Melbourne at 2:00am Monday 6 December 2010.

Rescue of injured walker at Eagles Peaks 4 December 2010

A bushwalker was reported injured after a fall near Eagles Peaks, a remote area above the Howqua River, on Friday 3 Dec 2010.  Bush Search and Rescue were called out for a rescue operation and departed Melbourne at 1:00am on Saturday 4 December 2010. After a brief stop at Mansfield Police Station, we were driven up to 8 Mile Gap in Police and SES four wheel drives. We started walking at about 6am.

The weather was fine and sunny after yesterday's storms.  We arrived at the summit of Eagles Peaks and met the Police Search and Rescue and SES team that had departed before us led by Senior Sergeant Greg Paul.

Behind the Log - November 2010 out now

The November 2010 edition of our newsletter, Behind the Log, is out now. This edition contains details on the Lake Mountain search, the winter training earlier this year and our recent automated callout testing.

Missing woman found at Lake Mountain 12 July 2010

The missing person has been found.  Michael Haynes and Mel Morcom are seen returning to base. 12 July 2010 11:50am A woman who was reported missing overnight near Lake Mountain has been found safe and well.

She had spent the night lost after visiting Alps Lookout alone at around 3pm the previous day. On her return to the car park the track became difficult to follow and she eventually veered off the proper track.

Steep snow and ice dryland training day

Bush Search and Rescue members with steep snow and ice skills attended a "dryland" training day in Melbourne to learn some theory and practice steep snow and ice skills including using avalanche transceivers (in South Surrey Park), roping techniques, equipment review and stretcher rigging and hauling using a z-pulley system. Participants were also trained on our latest radio technology.


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