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Vale Snow Girl

The Donna Buang search of 1953 was one of the pivotal searches in the history of Bush Search and Rescue Victoria. Bill Bewsher performed the role of Field Organiser at a time when the Victoria Police did not yet have a search and rescue squad.  BSAR personnel conducted the structured searching and recovered the two missing people, stretchering them both to the road. (Source The Scroggin Eaters).

One of the survivors, Jennifer Laycock, lost her legs to frostbite and the media labelled her the "Snow Girl" as they followed her recovery.

Steep snow and ice training 2012

Two events were held for Steep Snow and Ice training sessions this year; a dryland training day covering theory and some exercises at Williamstown on 22 July, followed by the steep snow and ice traiing in an alpine environment at Mount Buller on 28-29 July.

Search for missing hiker near Mt Donna Buang

Sunday 15 April 2012  The search for the 30 year old missing hiker in the Mt Donna Buang - Badger Creek area has concluded successfully with the man being found at about 10.30 this morning. He was found on a track by a Police vehicle that was taking two Bush Search and Rescue search groups to the start points of their allocated search areas. The person is in good health.  17 Bush Search and Rescue members attended the search.

Bush Search and Rescue members being briefed

Neville Byrne

Neville Byrne is a rural Police Liaison Officer with Bush Search and Rescue who who lives in Tawonga, at the base of Mt Bogong.  Neville has been active with Bush Search and Rescue for 40 years as a searcher and Field Organiser.

Neville says searching is not about heroics.  "It's just a hard slog, often in the rain and cold. You're just doing a job not everyone can do." 
Neville Byrne.  Photo credit: Weekly Times.

Alert for Woods Point CANCELLED


Friday 24 Feb 2012, 18:24.  The search alert for Bush Seach and Rescue for Woods Point is now CANCELLED



Alert for Mt Bogong CANCELLED

Monday 16 Jan 2012, 12:23.  The search alert for Bush Seach and Rescue is now CANCELLED



Training Weekend in the Wombat Forest, November 2011

Seventy participants took part in BSAR’s annual training weekend held on 19-20 November 2011 in the Wombat Forest.  It was our largest training event in a long time.  Thirteen BWV Clubs were represented, plus a number of BWV individual members.  It was especially pleasing to welcome 25 new and prospective members on their first BSAR training event.

Getting started

Bothy shelters

A Bothy shelter is a very simple rectangular tent with no poles or floor, made of lightweight nylon. It can be pulled over the heads of a group standing together. The group then sits down tucking the lower edge of the walls under their backsides, effectively creating a tent with ‘human poles’.

Trip safety - what you can do to stay safe in the bush



Here are some things you can do to minimise the risk of getting lost in the bush, and staying safe if you do get lost.

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