Bush Search and Rescue holds regular training events.  The usual formats are:

General Training – each year, usually held over a weekend, alternating each year between on and off snow.  This is open to all members, including Prospective Members

Steep Snow and Ice training – each year, for members with alpine skills and experience.

Steep snow and ice training

For dates and further details on specific training events see our Calendar.

Experienced-based Training

The primary (core) skills that all BSAR members bring to a search are the skills they have developed through their experience as recreational bushwalkers, cross country skiers, rogainers, mountaineers and related outdoor activities.

It is through their continued participation in these activities that each member is expected to maintain their fitness level and equipment, and to continue to develop their essential skills for searching.
A peer appraisal system is used: club committees and BSAR delegates for club members, and referees for Bushwalking Victoria members, are used to ensure that members meet the skill, fitness and equipment level required for BSAR membership.
BSAR provides specific training in search and rescue related skills, practices and techniques. These training events also provide members with the opportunity to come together as BSAR members.
Prerequisites for joining Bush Search and Rescue are listed here.

Past Training Events