Neil Weatherill

Neil with bushwacker skis and sked acquired with support from BP Australia

Neil Weatherill joined Bush Search and Rescue in May 1989 as a Police Liaison Officer and at the same meeting volunteered as Minute Secretary.  He carried out both roles efficiently and effectively for the duration of his involvement for which Bush Search and Rescue is very grateful.

Neil (standing) with the brand new bushwacker skis and sked acquired with support from BP Australia.

Also pictured are John Retchford, John Hillard, BP Australia representative and Duncan Brookes.

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Peter Dunbar

Peter Dunbar was active with Bush Search and Rescue for over 45 years.  He contributed as a searcher, a club delegate and a Field Organiser, a role he performed for over a decade.

Peter was then a Police Liaison Officer until he officially retired at the Bush Search and Rescue 50th Anniversary event on 4 March 2000, at which he was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for his very significant contribution to the organisation over five decades.

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John Retchford

John Retchford joined Bush Search and Rescue Victoria and attended his first search in 1961. During the subsequent forty-five years he made substantial and significant contributions in many aspects of Bush Search and Rescue’s field and administrative operations.

John attended many searches and became a Group Leader.

John was a Field Organiser for twenty-eight years from March 1973 until March 2001, during which time he lead Bush Search and Rescue members on 17 searches.

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Bill Bewsher

Bill Bewsher 50th

Bill Bewsher took on the role of founding Convener in 1949 of the Search and Rescue Section of the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs, which was later to become Bush Search and Rescue Victoria.  Bill was Convener from 1949 to 1956 and again for a year in 1958-1959.

Bill Bewsher at the BSAR 50th Anniversary Dinner. Photo: BSAR Collection

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Stuart Brookes OAM

Stuart Brookes is a keen bushwalker who has contributed much to recreational bushwalking, including long service with Bush Search and Rescue, in Victoria.

Stuart has produced maps of Victoria’s Alpine Area and other popular bushwalking destinations from the late 1940s to the current day.  These maps are regularly updated and provide reliable and detailed information tailored to the needs of bushwalkers.

Stuart was director of Initial Training with the Bushwalking and Mountaincraft Leadership course from 1973 – 77 and chairman of the Bushwalking and Mountaincraft Training Advisory Board 1982 – 85.

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Rik Head awarded Emergency Services Medal

Rik Head, a long serving Bush Search and Rescue member and Field Organiser, was awarded the Emergency Service Medal for a lifetime commitment to search, rescue and safety in the bush and mountains on Australia Day, 26 January 2011.

As a Field Organiser in Bush Search and Rescue Victoria, Rik has been instrumental in implementing and improving many search, management and training methods and systems including the innovative use of technology.

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Linda Beilharz reaches the North Pole

Linda Beilharz

Linda, a current and active BSAR member, and her husband Rob Rigato successfully skied to the North Pole in April this year after a strenuous 55 days. At the North Pole they were helicopered out to the Russian Barneo Station and from there on to Svalbard, Norway by the last plane for the season. Linda becomes the first Australian woman to have skied from the edge of the land to the North Pole, and the first to have done the same trip to the north and south poles.
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