Search for missing person near Warbuton

Call-out7:00 pm Thu 14 May. BSAR members were called-out to search for a missing person nears Warbuton.

7:00 am Fri  15 May. 26 BSAR members travelled to Warburton and commenced searching.

12:00 noon Fri  15 May.  Missing person found alive, all searchers were called in and returned to base.

2019 05 Warbuton search

COVID-19 procedures for BSAR members


In the event of a search call-out, please do not attend:

  • If you, your close family or a member of household have (or have recently had) any respiratory infection or symptoms
  • If you or a household member are currently required to self-isolate
  • You have a medical condition that is an additional risk factor with COVID-19

If you do attend a search call-out:

  • Bring a personal supply of soap, alcohol hand sanitiser, wipes, disposable gloves, self-seal rubbish bags
  • BSAR will provide alcohol hand sanitiser at the equipment store and on bus transport
  • Social distancing will be implemented on the bus and during search operations as much as possible

For more information about protective measures see

Peter Campbell, BSAR  Convener

Search for missing person near Princetown

Call-out11:00am Sun 24 Nov.  BSAR called out for search for missing person near Princetown.

4:00am Mon 25 Nov.  Ten BSAR members departed Melbourne to join the search at Princetown.

6:00pm Mon 25 Nov. Terrain searched by BSAR teams included thick coastal scrub, marshes and vegetation along creeks.  Our thanks to the Kangaroobie camp who kindly provided BSAR searchers with accommodation for the night.

Tue 26 Nov.  BSAR teams searched more thick coastal scrub above coastal cliffs. Returned to Melbourne in the afternoon after the missing person was located deceased.

2019 Princetown search BSAR tasking

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Search for missing person in Victorian Alps

2019-11 BSAR Mansfield search

Call-out8:00pm Fri 1 Nov.  BSAR called out for search for missing person Victorian Alps.  10 members attended.

9:00am Sat 2 Nov. Four BSAR teams were sent on search tasks in the Howqua, Howitt, Stirling areas camping out overnight.

9:00am Sun 3 Nov.  5 BSAR members joined the search.  14 members were in the field.

9:00am Mon 4 Nov.  9 BSAR members were in the field, 3 groups on 3 day search tasks camping out for 2 nights

4:30pm Tue 5/11.  10 BSAR members were in the field. One team was transported by the Police Airwing helicopter back to search base at Merrijig after completing a multi day search task in the Wonnangatta region.

6:00pm Wed 6/11. 4 BSAR members searched off track during the day then returned to Melbourne.

Wed 6/11. There will be 4 BSAR members continuing with search tasks on Wednesday

BSAR contributed a total of 46 searcher days.

If anyone has sighted Niels Becker please contact Mansfield Police (03) 5775 2555

2019-11 BSAR Mansfield search

2019-11 BSAR Mansfield search

2019-11 BSAR Mansfield search

2019-11 BSAR Mansfield search

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2019 Victorian Backcountry Festival at Mount Hotham

2019 Backcountry Ski festival

BSAR provided three skill shares at the Backcountry Festival at Mount Hotham on September 7 and 8 2019.

The festival is a grassroots, volunteer run event which aims to provide a safe place for new skiers and riders to explore beyond the ski runs while also providing a gathering for the backcountry tribe.

The program had 28 sessions on offer covering everything from cross country and tele skiing, split boarding, alpine touring, to avalanche safety, snow shoeing and fat tyre bikes.

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Search for missing person close to Mount Buller

Thu 1 Aug 2019.  Twelve BSAR members joined the search for a missing person along the road up to Mount Buller.

Fri 2 Aug 2019. Searching continues.  Another call-out for BSAR was issued, departing early Saturday morning.

Sat 3 – Mon 5 Aug 2019.  Searching continued but the missing person was not located.  Remaining BSAR teams returned  on Monday afternoon.

The terrain being searched was  very difficult to traverse, with steep slopes and thick vegetation, including patches of blackberrries.

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